INM - Research & Development

INM continues to diligently work on developing new products as well as improving its diagnostic skills.

The concept of a new product, as far as INM’s research and development way of thinking is concerned, is one that is based on producing not only a new product, but preferably a new product concept as well.

In this respect, INM is currently researching the development of a number of products. Some of them are nearly completed; others are in early stages. They include but are not restricted to the following products and services:

INM - Integrated Nutrition Management


This product is designed for use as a post harvest treatment of cut flowers in order to give them more longevity. It contains a number of essential elements including major elements and trace elements, together with an anti-fungal agent to retard decay. This product has been developed and is currently under more testing before it is released into the market.


This is a biological product that is comprised of beneficial living micro-organisms that have different biocidal properties. This product is still in its early stages of development and will require some time before it is released.


When INM developed K-MAX, it was with the understanding that K-MAX had the highest percentages of Potassium and Phosphorus in a product that could safely be used for foliar treatments. It is easy to have a material that is very high in either element, or both. But to have those elements in a finished product, and in a form that is safe for use in foliar nutrition is another issue altogether. INM’s research and development proved that such is not the case. Higher percentages are achievable, but their practical implementation would have to be gauged in accordance with crop demands and field conditions. K-MAX contains 36elemental Potassium (K) and 16 elemental Phosphorus (P). The new product will contain 43elemental Potassium (K) and 20elemental Phosphorus (P), with phosphorus being in a slow release form. This slow release nature of Phosphorus in the new product is currently under study in order to establish the conditions in which make it more suitable for use than K-MAX. The new product has been fully developed and will soon be subjected to field trials before it is released into the market.



FERT-CAL is a very high analysis fertigation calcium product that is based on an organic acid chelate base. It is a straight calcium product and does not contain any other essential element and thus its application will only favour calcium balance. It is ideal for situations where foliar calcium applications are not enough and/or when they cannot be done due to weather or other conditions.


INM can tailor make their products to best suit your crop nutritional needs. For more information visit Custom Blends.