About INM

INM is an Australian agricultural company that deals exclusively with crop nutrition matters. It offers a wide range of services as well as nutritional products.

INM offers fully comprehensive nutritional analytical services including soils, leaves, water, fertilizers, etc...

INM employs its own exclusive state-of-the-art diagnostic skills (NAR) which enable it reach fully comprehensive nutritional programs including soil preparation, base feeding, fertigation, foliar feeding, as well as comprehensive hydroponics feeding programs and formulas.

INM - Integrated Nutrition Management

The diagnostic skills employed are based on computer-generated models which can well and truly integrate all mineral levels and hence are able to tackle nutritional balances from a targeted approach.

The targets can either be of either physiological or merely of economical significance. In this respect, the target could be quality issues such as a colour, size, firmness, keeping quality, flavour, etc... . this technique is available to virtually all crops including fruit trees, vegetables, cut flowers, greenhouse crops, native plants, etc...

The expertise of INM dates back to more than 30 years of worldwide experience in applied crop nutrition, including 20 years in Australia.

INM offers a wide range of nutritional products including foliar trace elements, foliar major elements, custom-made fertigation mixes, hydroponic mixes, and even some biological products and specialty products.

The products are new in their formulation and chemical make up. They are very high analysis products that are extremely cost effective.

INM combines its highly advanced diagnostics techniques with its highly advanced products to offer farmers a unique and new approach towards crop nutrition that actually works.

If your crop is missing this extra competitive edge, if your soil is getting poorer and your crop is deteriorating, or even if you are quite happy with your current situation but believe that there is still room for improvement, you will then perhaps need our scientifically scrutinized advice.



FERT-CAL is a very high analysis fertigation calcium product that is based on an organic acid chelate base. It is a straight calcium product and does not contain any other essential element and thus its application will only favour calcium balance. It is ideal for situations where foliar calcium applications are not enough and/or when they cannot be done due to weather or other conditions.


INM can tailor make their products to best suit your crop nutritional needs. For more information visit Custom Blends.