INM - Excellence in Plant Nutrition

Integrated Nutrition Management (INM) is an Australian agricultural company that deals exclusively with crop nutrition matters. It offers a wide range of services as well as nutritional products.

INM offers a wide range of Australian made nutritional products including foliar trace elements, foliar major elements, custom-made fertigation mixes, hydroponic mixes, biological products and specialty products.

INM also offers fully comprehensive nutritional analytical services including soils, leaves, water and fertilizers.

INM - Integrated Nutrition Management

INM products are based on either offering totally new formulations and concepts, or to improve on existing ones. They are very high analysis products that are extremely cost effective with low application rates. Read more about INM Products.

Popular INM Products


P-MAX is primarily a foliar Phosphorus product, but as Phosphorus stress is almost always associated with Nitrogen and Potassium stresses, they have been included in smaller ratios.

P-MAX also contains low amounts of Trace Elements. It is ideal for use straight after transplanting, after cold snaps, and in early spring.

For control and treatment of Bitter Pitt, Leaf Tip Burn, Blossom End Rot, Soft Fruit, Poor Skin Quality, Low Shelf Life and other Calcium deficiency-related issues. Best applied during Calcium stress periods throughout the growing season.

For skin and shelf-life improvement, it is best applied late in the season and up till 7 days from harvest. CAL-MAX is compatible with Phosphorus products (after dilution).

micro-MOLY contains the essential trace element Molybdenum.

micro-MOLY is a very high analysis foliar Molybdenum product.

Organic complexing agents are used in the manufacturing process in order to facilitate prompt absorption and translocation in plant tissue,
resulting in quick and effective response.

Composition: Composition: Composition:
  • Nitrogen (N) 10.5%
  • Phosphorus (P) 25.8%
  • Potassium (K) 8.4%
  • Fulvic Acids 0.5%
  • Plus Trace Elements


  • Calcium (Ca) 20%
  • Molybdenum (Mo) 12%



FERT-CAL is a very high analysis fertigation calcium product that is based on an organic acid chelate base. It is a straight calcium product and does not contain any other essential element and thus its application will only favour calcium balance. It is ideal for situations where foliar calcium applications are not enough and/or when they cannot be done due to weather or other conditions.


INM can tailor make their products to best suit your crop nutritional needs. For more information visit Custom Blends.